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This site was created in loving memory of my son Dustin Lee .He was born in Throckmorton,Tex. on Aug.24,1976 and left this world on July,03,1995 about 6 weeks after graduating highschool .He was in a boating accident . His full story can be see on this domain in the link below .He was joined by this older sister Becky this past July,30 due to a cancerious brain tumor she fought bravely for 8 years .Her pages are with Dustin's also .She is also listed here .Both are greatly missed and loved by friends and family . My Beloved Husband Ray Joined his Children Dustin and Becky Aug, 27, 2006. He has a link on The childrens Site .
This the link to their domain site .

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Tributes and Condolences
Happy Birthday Dustin   / Elena Lowery
Reeny, I'm so sorry I'm late at wishing Dustin a happy birthday. Hope his birthday was a day of happy memories for you and I hope your faith of knowing that someday you will be reunited with sweet Dustin again gave you some comfort.&nb...  Continue >>
Thinking of you Reeney   / Judy Reed (Friend of Reeney )
Dearest Reeney. I am thinking of you as Dustin's Birthday approaches. I think of you often. I send prayers and God Blessing. Love, Judy Missing Heidi http://www.heidireed.com/
Thinking of you   / Christine
Reeny, thinking of you as Dustin's Anniversary approaches and praying you have a gentle day.


Happy Birthday   / Rosa Delk (angel mom )
Wishing you a wonderful birthday in Heaven today Dustin!  I know you are having a huge party with all our angels.
Happy Birthday!   / Donna Chick (friend to mom )
Happy Birthday Dustin!  Send lots of love to your mom!
Dustin's 16th Angelversary  / CindyJo Michellesmama (Mama's Friend )    Read >>
HAPPY NEW YEAR DUSTIN  / Sue-Anne Aguilera (Reeny Is A Good Friend )    Read >>
I am sorry about the loss of your son.  / Carol Le (Friend of his Mom. )    Read >>
IN MEMORY  / Mary Hale (i did not know him )    Read >>
Very Beautiful / Tammy Hill (Know His Mom Reeny)    Read >>
To dustin / Patty Orr (friend of mothers)    Read >>
My Tribute to Dustin and all my Love to my dear friend, Reeny / Peggy Rozell (I love his mother)    Read >>
Craig & Jeff's Friend Dustin / Lorraine Kelly (Craig & Jeff's heaven friend)    Read >>
Love you / Carol Carico (HIS MOMMAS FRIEND)    Read >>
Love and hugs to you and angel Dustin / Angie Walters     Read >>
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His legacy
Joined by his sister July,30,2005  
He was Joined my his older sister Rebecca Lynn Fitzer Groves on July 30th 2005
His legacy  

Dustin was born in Throckmorton Texas . He was the last of 6 children born to me at the late age of thirty-six and was a surprize but a happy one . I would have never thought that a son could bring so much pride and joy as he did over the years as he grew up .He was a blessing and the only child that I had that till the day he left this world that kissed me goodbye every time he left the house .A hole will remain in my heart forever. He To date has 6 nephews and one niece . The neice was adopted by me when she was 18 months old so she is really his little sister and he always thought of her as that . Dustin has also been given the honor of getting his name carried on by a little tike to be born this month to Tina Parker. She is to name her new son Michael Dustin Parker when he arrives . This is a legacy that has brought tears to my eyes. Dustin's name will live on though this little guy when he gets here .Thank you Tina.

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